Shalom Activities for All Ages


The essential form of the mandala, the circle, arises from the fundamental natural shape of the spiral. The entire cosmos and all forces within it are moving in spirals, so it is no wonder that the circle and its derivatives appear around us everywhere.
The circular shape symbolizes perfection. The circle is the cosmic shape that organizes our existence, encircling the endless space surrounding us, our bodies and our very thoughts.

The mandala describes our physical and spiritual circle – the giant sphere on which we live, to the circles of family, friends and human society.  Circle and its center is the basic model of creation itself and can be found on all levels, from the macroscopic grandeur of the cosmos to the microscopic splendor of the tiniest systems in our bodies. From galaxies to blood cells, the circle is everywhere: in biology, geology, chemistry, physics, astronomy and more. Within every living cell on earth – you will find a  mandala.

In every flower and every fruit, in every section of a tree and in the shells of snails. Wherever one finds life, one finds a center from which life radiates, energies flowing in and out – this is the mandala’s perfection.

Mandalas are human creations based on the (organic) archetypal shape of the circle.              ~ from

Using pens or colored pencils, create a Shalom Mandala. Most of your mandala should consist of words, written into a circular pattern. The words should be about שָׁלוֹם, with prayers, perceptions, and statements about both personal and communal  שָׁלוֹם.  Consider the five examples as as possible stylistic models.